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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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plus fire forces the evacuation of a local nursing home. coming up where firefighters say it started. >> johnson county leaders weigh in. good morning, everybody. coming on 5:306789 good to have you with us today. >> pinch hitting for renee chou. if you've been watching this morning, you can tell that the voice just isn't quite where it needs to be. >> she tried. she gets an a for effort. some schools made the decision to delay classes this morning. let's take a look at the current list. >> we're controlling this list at the bottom as well. edgecomb delayed two hours. halifax delayed two hours. in mecklenburg county schools delayed until 10:00 a.m. antenash rocky mount schools delayed 2 hours. >> two-hour delays for north hampton county. warren county schools. we are scrolling these delays at the bottom of your screen. we can find them any time
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online at thanks for popping on the set there and helping out. >> i know last night we had the little band of slight snow move through. left some scunges. >> that's why we have the school delays. you may be wondering in you're in the triangle area. what are those delays about? this is from yesterday's snow that blew through. under the delays this morning. today's actually going to be a beautiful day. in between the two systems. moving out from yesterday. down in the gulf of mexico and back to our west is the developing storm. it's going to bring a lot of moisture into our area. so we are under a winter storm warning starting at midnight tonight. all the way through 6:00 p.m. on saturday. for the western half of the viewing area, 2 to 4 inches of snow and sleet. a half to a quarter of an inch of ice possibly which could cause widespread outages.
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under a winter weather advisory. an inch of snow in sleet. a tenth of an inch of ice. this morning temperatures are in the 20s. 28 in wake forest. town by town 29 in irwin. 28 in south hill. a little warmer than it was this time yesterday when we started in the teens. most temperatures this afternoon -- more about our wintery situation. so much to talk about coming up in just a few minutes. brian? >> thankfully this morning in the triangle we're not seeing any problems with weather on road. i-40 at lake wheeler road. traffic is moving along as much areas still saw those brine stripes. some treatment yesterday morning. another camera rather quickly. this is out on the belt line. 440 looking fine no. accidents to report at this point. a quiet morning but tomorrow morning it's probably going to be a much different situation.
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i think an extra weather and traffic -- governor mccrory holds a news conference this morning. he's going to be talking about winter weather preparations. >> joins us live now from the north carolina e men jen si. >> take winter weather seriously. that's the message that governor mccrory is hoping to share with residents later this morning. on tuesday, the governor began ordering state agencies to begin preparations for treacherous travel conditions. d.o.t. crews have begun brining interstates, major highways, ramps as well as bridges. while crews prepare the roads this is also a time that you want to check your house. make sure you're prepared for winter conditions with trawfnlt heating sources, flashlights and food. this news conference is set to start at 10:30 this morning. we will be streaming it live on we'll also be carrying it live on wral. brian and bill? >> all right. on winter weather preps. thank you very much. >> not just here in the triangle and north carolina
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where we're getting ready for winter weather. a lot of the east coast is gearing up for a paralyzing winter storm. in the d.c. metro area a taste of what's to come. even for president obama. pli discard and winter storm watches today through sunday in virginia, washington and even over into arkansas to the west. more than a foot of snow is expected in some states. you can send us your weather pictures when the snow or sleet starts to fall. use the hashtag wral snow and make sure your smart phone is up to date. it uses your gps to track your location and send you alerts whenever you're in the path of severe weather. wral weather app is available in the itunes store and in the google play store. >> an 18-year-old charged in connection with at the shooing will be in court today.
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had as breaking news yesterday morning. he shot 20-year-old who was rushed to wake med and expected to be okay. campus-wide lockdown was initiated and lifted hours later. ?rnchts no word yet on what caused a fire to force a nursing home to be evacuated. this happened around 9:00 last night. some firefighters helped the res out while others worked to put out the fire which started in the laundry room. the fire chief says the spripg her system worked. room. officials say two residents were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening jeer injuries. a couple of buildings on the campus are still without power this morning. they were left in the dark yesterday because of an incident in an electrical closet. one university employee was taken away by ems. according to a campus alert
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these buildings will remain closed until further notice. >> the past week about a proposed cargo hub. they do not support what they call strong arm tactics. they want to build a terminal -- to the main rail network. dozens of residentings rose up in protesting arguing it would force them out of their homes and businessings. after holding a closed session, commissioners told residents they were on their side. csx released a statement that their company wants to listen. by working with the commissioners, reach a mutually beneficial accommodation. >> tract negotiations between directtv. it's good news. the blackout that began on monday night is over. >> happy people late yesterday afternoon.
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capital broadcasting reaching a new agreement by direct tv. this could mean -- the direct tv sat lead viewers can watch wral tv, wraz fox 50 and tv inwomennington. wilmington. >> we apologize for the tremendous convenience this has been to you and we appreciate your patience support and loyalty it our locally owned company. without you, there is no us. >> love that. a major retailer is taking popular item. >> the reason that amazon is offering to give back money to anyone who bought a hover board from their website. >> the stunning claim from one
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just a few years. it's 5:40. it's not as cold as it was yesterday. today is going to be a nice day. there's all of this talk about the winter storm that doesn't start until tonight. that will be the case all day long. it's 30 in henderson.
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it's still cold and a little damp. a little chilly this morning. but compared to the last couple of morning, especially tuesday morning. it feelsen better. if you need to get out do it now. you don't want to do it tomorrow morning. more about your winter storm approaching. brian? >> thanks. 5:41 now. says it will offer full refunds to anyone who bowght hover boards on website. amid growing concern that the two-wheeled balance boards can be a safety and fire hazard. he's investigating more than two dozen -- bursting into flames. experts also are using -- urging users to wear safety gear. some of those can be serious. >> here's quite a claim. the automaker made the claim during the auto show.
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the technology already exists. cruise control, auto lane assist, warning systems as well as pedestrian and large animal protection. volvo is one of nine vehicles with new u.s. fatalities in the last four year. >> you say faster. 5:42 right now. teachers take to the cold streets of detroit in protest. what they're hoping to accomplish after a massive sick out and the airlines offering
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who were traveling from the they knew about the water there. michigan governor rick snyder released e-mails that revealed he was aware of complaints from flint residents. dating as far back as last february. it wasn't until recently they began receiving cases of bottled water. teachers in detroit are vowing to continue protesters today. what they called deplorable conditions at the their schools. nearly all were closed yesterday. educators staiged a massive sick out. a detroit school district sought a temporary injunction to preefnlt another strike. more information about a plane crash that killed a triangle businessman. a federal investigation shows ice protection systems did not
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activate on a business ship. it crashed in maryland in 2015 despite freezing temperatures. it hit a house killing six people including dr. martin rosenburg. it has an 1100 page report on the incident. the next step is to establish probable cause. baltimore police officer william port her not have to testify against five of his fellow officers. prosecutors wanted to call porter as part of their case against the officers in the death of freddie gray in april. a judge rejected that request. the next officer to gone outroll will be caesar goodson who was driving the van. he died of injuries he received in the van. two women are okay after an attempted carjacking in florida. this happened monday night. police say the suspects tried
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station but the driver locked her doors. that car -- the suspects then ran away. three handguns were fund on the suspects when they were arrested. the women were not hurt. a brand new fire truck never made it to its delivery point in texas. that's because it crashed into the dairy queen. the truck was on its way to greenville, texas. that's just outside mckinney. it's unclear what caused the truck to cross over the lanes, careen into the parking lot. ed department didn't say if the truck would have to be repaired before going into service. major airlines are getting contingency plans in order. passengers flying through nine airports will be allowed to change flights without penalty. they are among the airlines allowing the policy. they are between philadelphia and southern virginia.
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dale that expanding the policy to 19 airports. they should snow -- elizabeth says yes. they probably l. >> that's a great idea f. you can preempt that and give them a break on that because i mean, you know, in the past, they make it really difficult. they say, oh, well your flight is cancelled. figure out what you're going to do now f. you can play plan ahead on that. a significant winter storm head our way. it's not likely to be significant snow accumulation. but when we talk about what other ways may see in terms of snow a much bigger deal. icing may be our big deal. we have a bit of that. we had the foundation mountain begin to develop with all of those cold temperatures over the last 48 hours. yesterday our temperatures climbs into the upper 30s and it's starting to melt and fall apart. it's not going be that cold overnight. about where they are right now.
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27 and our low tonight will be very similar to that. looking at upper 20s. that's cold enough to start freezing things an, of course, that's why we're expecting the wintery precipitation and we're going to see a mixed back. a little bit of everything and i'm going to show you who may get what and in what amounts. our dew point is 23. that's more moist than it was yesterday. while our temperature is warmer, it stills pretty chilly. it feels a little more damp. it's 27 in south hill. town by town 29. 28 in south hill. 31 in fayetteville and clinton. sitting either at or below freezing. today is going to be a pretty day. i know we're really gearing up but partly cloudy skies for today. our developing system is still down here in the gulf of mexico and it doesn't really have any impact during our daylight hours. overnight the clouds thickening up and, of course, the precipitation begins by tomorrow morning. and here's a look at the temperature and the precipitation tied together.
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i realize that this is a little bit of a busy map but it shows you how the temperature plays a part in what sort of precipitation you will see. here we are at 6:00 a.m. and, of course, this is one of the computer models but it does a pretty good job of showing what is likely that toyota dealer happen. we may begin as a little snow. pretty quickly that changes over to a wintry mix. some of that may be sleet. the longer we see the sleet the better off we are. at some point that changes over to freezing rain. that's indicated there in the purple. that's sleet and freezing rain. we're hoping to get more accumulation of sleet. maybe an inch to -- but we are going to see some freezing rain. we have the potential for a quarter to a half an inch of freezing rain in a good bit of our viewing area which ll cause some widespread power outages. goldsboro to irwin and southern pines likely to have more rain out of this and it may be
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fairly significant rain. overnight temperatures warm up by saturday, we cool back down and this system may end as some snow during the day on saturday. some of those heavier amounts from raleigh northward and eastward too. look at that. 6:00 p.m. on saturday. if that wrap around happens, we're going to finish that up with accumulating snow. winter storm warning from raleigh up toward roxboro and then south and west. 2 to 4 inches of snow and sleet. heavier amounts to the north. power outages, yes. not as likely from raleigh eastward. more like a tenth of an inch and more rain. how much liquid are we talking about with this whole system? pretty significant. back into the mountains half an inch to an inch. but from really the triangle area eastward 1 to 2 inches of liquid precipitation f. that with were all snow 1 to 2 feet of snow. we're not going to see that but we're looking at so much precipitation that rain may be
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of course, the ground is fairly saturated. we warm up a little bit. look at that balmy tuesday. 54, brian. >> wow. >> talk about the antisnow -- an antiice league. >> i would be on board with that. >> sign me up. thank you. i think. opening -- i want to talk about traffic here very quickly. yes. 40 out at fayetteville road. looks good this morning. no trouble with that traffic heading away from us. eastbound through south durham. let take a look at another camera. 85 at duke street. it looks nice. dry this morning. fine for the evening commute as far as the weather goaps but this time tomorrow morning that's when we start to see -- that light makes it look like snow. >> it's not. don't panic, yet. >> opening day may be just a few months away but some big changes now. >> 5:52. tell you how they're planning
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likllywside rismom clink right now on wral we're not the only ones getting ready for winter weather. how the northeast is getting ready for a potentially crippling winter storm. >> a somber day for students at two local schools. the loss of two classmates in a hit and run crash. >> the investigation into a string of robberies targeting business in durham. >> what they have in common coming up. it is 6:00. i appreciate you joining thus morning. i'm in for renee who is trying to preserve what little voice e has left. he made a valiant effort. >> you made a valiant effort coming in. we appreciate it. you. [ laughter ] >> we have some schools who already have made the decision to delay classes this morning want to take a look at some of those closing. delays 20 hours.
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granville schools delayed two hours.
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